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So many of us are looking for ways to heal ourselves, now more than ever. Make no mistake, your body is programmed to heal. It's one of its primary functions as an amazing bio-computer.

What can you do to help your body get into an optimal healing state? The answer is simple. Start your day with a glass of pure celery juice - your liver will say thank you and then work its magic.

The simplest solution is almost always the best and celery juice is no exception to this rule. But how can a humble green vegetable (believe it or not it's actually a herb), such as celery, contain the answers to all our chronic modern day health conditions?

Read on and I'll try to explain below.

I wouldn't dream of recommending something I haven't already tried myself. Celery juice has done and continues to do wonders for me personally. I have suffered with brain fog, fatigue, hormonal imbalance and chronic eczema in the past and I am convinced that celery juice has helped me to heal from these conditions, providing answers where nothing else has.

When you are unwell there is a deep sense of isolation and a desperate search for truth. You might say that this is a microcosm of the human condition generally. We are all just searching for connection and meaning. Never is this more prevalent than when faced with a chronic health condition.

Medical science is a wonderful part of our modern day lives and we certainly wouldn't be here today and in so many numbers without it. Broken a leg? Yep, I'd be straight down to A&E. However, when it comes to chronic health conditions such as IBS, chronic fatigue, asthma, cystitis, candida, diabetes, eczema, autoimmune conditions, thyroid problems to name but a few, often medical science simply looks to address the symptoms not the cause, which ultimately does not heal the condition. There's a reason for this. Medical science does not know for sure what causes chronic illness. It's a mystery.

There is, however, a growing movement that argues that there are essentially two reasons why we are suffering with an unprecedented level of mystery illnesses in today's modern world. Putting it very simply, one is exposure to toxic heavy metals and the other is exposure to viruses - all of which compromise our liver and therefore our health. The science on this is quite complicated and this isn't the appropriate format to go into too much detail. However, it is very interesting and I highly recommend reading Anthony William's book Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time if you want to know more. He is the pioneer of the celery juice phenomenon.

In essence, Anthony's book explains how fresh celery juice (not the fibre or pulp) contains a unique blend of electrolytes, trace minerals, plant hormones, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, vitamin C, prebiotics, hydrobioactive water and sodium cluster salts which our bodies cry out for on a cellular level.

How should I consume celery juice?

In it's purest form. You can get whole bunches of celery from your health food store, supermarket or grocers. If you can get organic that's better but ordinary will do, just make sure you wash it thoroughly before juicing. You want to juice your own celery (preferably with a slow press masticating juicer) first thing in the morning. Ideally you want to consume a minimum of 16 oz / 450 ml juice on an empty stomach and wait at least 30 mins before consuming anything else.

As part of my 3 month health coaching program, this is one of many recommendations I make to help clients heal from the inside out. It works in different ways for everyone. Some will heal quickly, for others, depending on the toxic load in their bodies, it will take longer. Like anything worth doing, it takes commitment, time, patience and faith in yourself.

Celery juice is a way of life for me now. I encourage you to research and try it for yourself.

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